Stretch Mark Therapy

ScarMD® Stretch Marks Cream

ScarMD® Stretch Marks Cream

ScarMD® New Dual Action Stretch Marks cream using Massaging Applicator & Clinically Proven Ingredients.

“Up to 90% of all pregnant women may develop stretch marks”1

Stretch marks occur as a result of excessive tension put on the skin, usually during pregnancy. During one of the most joyous times of a mother’s life, it is unfortunate that nearly 90% of new mothers will develop stretch marks. Stretch marks are difficult to treat because the indentation and discoloration (redness) may take many years for your body to naturally repair.

Stages of Stretch Marks


– Recently formed stretch marks tend to be flattened with a slight pink to red hue, may itch and/or be slightly raised


– Over the period of years, a mature stretch mark or scar become white, flatten or further depress.
Available scar therapy and treatment products currently on the market are hit or miss, with various companies making misleading claims about the effectiveness of their products.

On reviewing the clinical data and finding the lack in available modalities of therapy for scars and stretch marks, the Doctor’s at ScarMD® made it their mission to develop a safe, effective scar prevention and therapy line that is backed by rigorous clinical study for empirically proven results to restore your confidence and your skin.

Life is stressful enough, you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.

ScarMD® Stretch Mark Repair Cream will:

  1. Reduce the visible length and depth of the stretch mark
  2. Reduce appearance of redness, discoloration and discomfort associated with stretch marks
  3. Improve the visible indentation and appearance of the stretch mark
  4. Soften scar tissue thereby improving texture.

ScarMD® Stretch Mark Repair Cream will:


A botanical ingredient from the plant Siegesbeckia orientalis which is found in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Japan, and Australia. Darutoside has been shown improve the appearance of a stretch marks.

In controlled trials, Darutoside has been shown to decrease the visible length of the stretch mark by over 50%
In the same trial, the visible indentation depth was decreased by 55%


A combination of ingredients including Phaseolus lunatus (green bean extract), rutin (from fruits and berries).

Clinical studies show that with topical use, twice daily for two months, Registril has been shown to improve a stretch mark’s color while also decreasing the its depth by up to 72%.2

Most importantly, all the ingredients in ScarMD® Stretch Mark Repair Cream have been screened and are considered safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.


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